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Endowed professorships are a key driver of Smith’s academic enterprise and represent a unique opportunity for donors to shape Smith’s future. An endowed professorship is the highest tribute Smith bestows on a faculty member and is a key strategic investment to advance teaching and scholarship across disciplines and in new subject areas, allowing Smith to remain responsive to the needs of students now and in the future.

Professor speaking to two students

The Key to the College’s Excellence

The financing provided by endowed professorships assures stability and continuity for the faculty member and the college, and ensures Smith students have access to great minds, creative researchers and engaged teachers.

The stature and productivity of our faculty, as both teachers and scholars, are among Smith’s most distinguishing characteristics and are key to the college’s excellence. Smith is seeking new endowed funds to advance an inclusive and equitable educational community, open new areas of thought and inquiry, encourage the discovery of new knowledge, explore emerging interdisciplinary areas and attract exceptional scholars from around the world.